Powerhouse Exoskeleton exhibition now showing at WSU

Powerhouse Parramatta is one of the largest and most complex architectural and structural engineering projects currently underway in NSW. A defining feature of Powerhouse Parramatta’s architecture is a structural exoskeleton that will enable what its creators have called hyper-platforms: the largest column-free exhibition spaces in Australia.

Now showing at Western Sydney University's Engineering Innovation Hub, the Exoskeleton exhibition explores the development of the concept, detailed design and prototyping of the steel lattice exoskeleton by architects Moreau Kusunoki (Paris) and Genton (Sydney) with engineers Jun Sato (Tokyo) and ARUP (Sydney).

This exhibition was developed as part of Western Sydney University’s Education Partnership with Powerhouse Parramatta and is open to the public until June 2022 at 6 Hassall St Parramatta.

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