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Gateway, Health Check and Deep Dive Reviews are conducted in accordance with the Infrastructure NSW Review Workbooks (included in the ‘Resources’ tab of this webpage).

The Infrastructure Investor Assurance Framework (IIAF) provides further detail on the processes.

Infrastructure NSW develops a Terms of Reference for each Review in consultation with the responsible delivery agency and key stakeholders.

Good governance and project/program assurance calls for a single individual, the Senior Responsible Officer (SRO), as the point of accountability and strategic responsibility. To enable a successful Review to take place, the delivery agency must identify each of the parties performing the role of ‘sponsor’, ‘deliverer’ and ‘asset owner/manager or operator’, as well as the individual acting as the SRO.

It is essential that the delivery agency’s SRO participates in the Gateway Review process.

Reviews are conducted by highly experienced independent Review Teams, who are independent of the agency and project team. The Review Team is selected for its mix of skills, capability and experience to enable it to provide relevant assessment and advice.

Review Teams are typically comprised of a Review Team Leader (RTL) and at least one Review Team Member (RTM).

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To express your interest in becoming a Reviewer, please contact to discuss next steps and specific requirements.

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