2012 State Infrastructure Strategy: First things first

In October 2012, Infrastructure NSW delivered its first 20-year State Infrastructure Strategy to the NSW Premier.This was the first ever prioritised and costed long term infrastructure strategy in NSW Government history. It focused on a vision for NSW 2032, including:

  • a Global Sydney, supported by its fusion of culture and business

  • a reinvented Wollongong

  • a booming Newcastle

  • completion of Sydney’s strategic road network

  • effective public transport

  • increased housing choice

  • long term improvements in health.

After consideration of our advice, the NSW Government released its own 20-year State Infrastructure Strategy in December 2012. This supported, or noted, 63 of our 70 recommendations for projects and reforms.

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The Context

  1. Strategic framework (PDF, 581Kb)

  2. Infrastructure challenges (PDF, 388Kb)

  3. Global Sydney (PDF, 546Kb)

  4. Greater Sydney (PDF, 3.7Mb)

  5. Regional NSW (PDF, 542Kb)

The Solution

  1. Urban roads (PDF, 1.1Mb)

  2. Bus and light rail in Sydney (PDF, 949Kb)

  3. Passenger trains (PDF, 1.2Mb)

  4. International gateways (PDF, 1.2Mb)

  5. Regional and interstate transport (PDF, 4.1Mb)

  6. Energy (PDF, 398Kb)

  7. Water infrastructure (PDF, 402Kb)

  8. Health infrastructure (PDF, 641Kb)

  9. Social Infrastructure (PDF, 507Kb)

  10. Recommendations (PDF, 233Kb)

  11. Funding and delivery (PDF, 285Kb)

  12. Expert reports (PDF, 188Kb) 

View the expert reports produced in the development of the State Infrastructure Strategy.

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