Expert reports

The following expert reports were produced in the development of the State Infrastructure Strategy. They are provided here for reference. While Infrastructure NSW considered all information provided, not all analysis and recommendations were included in its State Infrastructure Strategy.

View the expert reports:

BT Australasia Pty Ltd

iNSW Report: Information Communications and Technology Infrastructure Requirements for the Health Sector: A BT Point of View (July 2012) (PDF, 2.14Mb)

Cisco Systems, Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG)

Technology and Infrastructure (January 2012) (PDF, 1.62Mb)

Deloitte Access Economics

The NSW Economy in 2031-32: The role of Infrastructure, driving forces and forecasts (March 2012) (PDF, 850Kb)

Infrastructure and the NSW Economy (September 2012) (PDF, 2.14Mb)


Infrastructure NSW: State Infrastructure Strategy Prioritisation Assessment (September 2012) (PDF, 1.06Mb)

DOUGLAS Economics

Modelling the Ability of Fare Incentives to Spread AM Peak Passenger Loads (May 2012) (PDF, 654Kb)

Ernst and Young

Port Botany - Sydney Airport Precinct: Scoping Study (December 2011) (PDF, 2.74Mb)

Evans & Peck

Review of Project Cost Assessments (September 2012) (PDF, 1.52Mb)


NSW Infrastructure Capability Assessment: Transport Hypotheses Evidence (March 2012) (PDF, 1.41Mb)

NSW Infrastructure Capability Assessment: Transport Baseline Report (September 2012) (PDF, 882Kb)

NSW Infrastructure Baseline: Water Service Baseline Discussion Paper (PDF, 537Kb)

Infrastructure NSW: Input into the 20 year Water Infrastructure Strategy (June 2012) (PDF, 688Kb)

NSW Infrastructure Capability Assessment: Energy Baseline Report (April 2012) (PDF, 840Kb)

Infrastructure NSW, Roads and Maritime Services and Transport for NSW

WestConnex - Sydney's Next Motorway Priority (September 2012) (PDF, 1.8Mb)

Interfleet Transport Advisory

Rail Infrastructure Strategy Review - Summary (April 2012) (PDF, 736Kb)

Final Report of Rail Network Strategic Review (April 2012) (PDF, 2.04Mb)


Sydney CBD Access Strategy (June 2012) (PDF, 2.81Mb)

Molino Stewart

Hawkesbury - Nepean Flood Damages Assessment: Final Report (July 2012) (PDF, 2.45Mb)

Hawkesbury - Nepean Flood Damages Assessment: Addenda (July 2012) (PDF, 494Kb)

North West Sector Flood Evacuation Analysis: Final Report (February 2011) (PDF, 3.2Mb)

MR Cagney

Inner Sydney Transport Strategy - Technical support services (August 2012) (PDF, 3.23Mb)

Port Jackson Partners

Construction Spending and Macroeconomic trends in Australia: Implications for NSW's State Infrastructure Strategy (January 2012) (PDF, 233Kb)

Trends in Engineering Construction across States (December 2011) (PDF, 147Kb)

Engineering Construction - Trends in Funding and Provision (January 2012) (PDF, 241Kb)


NSW Infrastructure Baseline: Health Baseline Report (June 2012) (PDF, 826Kb)

NSW Infrastructure Baseline: Education Baseline Report (June 2012) (PDF, 596Kb)

NSW Infrastructure: Recreation and Arts Baseline Report Infrastructure NSW (June 2012) (PDF, 581Kb)

NSW Infrastructure Baseline: Justice Baseline Report (June 2012) (PDF, 665Kb)

REPUCOM International

Australian Arts Sector Funding Review (June 2012) (PDF, 917Kb)


Energy Infrastructure Strategy August 2012 (PDF, 1.41Mb)

SMART Infrastructure Facility, University of Wollongong /ACIL Tasman

Pricing Congestion in Sydney: Discussion Paper (April 2012) (PDF, 980Kb)

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