Business Case Summaries

As the NSW Government’s independent infrastructure advisory agency, Infrastructure NSW routinely assesses business cases and provides advice to Government on their findings. These assessments aim to find whether there is evidence that a proposed project is economically and socially justified.

Sydney Football Stadium Business Case Summary

Prepared by Infrastructure NSW, this report summarises the Final Business Case for the proposed redevelopment of the Sydney Football Stadium at Moore Park.

The Business Case considered three options for the redevelopment of the Sydney Football Stadium, against a “do minimum” Base Case. The three options include (1) refurbishment of the existing stadium, (2) “new build” with 40,000 seats, and (3) “new build” with 45,000 seats.

In summary, the Business Case clearly demonstrates that rebuilding the Sydney Football Stadium, with either 40,000 or 45,000 seats is a better option than refurbishing the existing venue. The quantifiable economic benefits of a new stadium fall slightly short of the economic costs. However, the unsustainable nature of the alternate to do only enough work to keep the stadium open, suggests that rebuilding is an acceptable option.


Stadium Australia Strategic Business Case Summary

Infrastructure NSW completed a strategic business case for the redevelopment of Stadium Australia.

The business case considered three options: 1) remodelling of the lower and mid tier seats as well as the corporate suites; 2) rebuilding the stadium with 70,000 seats; and 3) rebuilding the stadium with 75,00 seats.

The business case found that the three options had similar Benefit Cost Ratios, but that the options vary significantly in terms of their cost and build time. In particular, the refurbishment option is more than $500 million cheaper than the 75,000 seat “knock down and rebuild” option and could be delivered some 24 months earlier.


Powerhouse Museum in Western Sydney Final Business Case Summary

This document summarises the Final Business Case (the Business Case) for the proposed relocation of the Powerhouse to Parramatta. The Business Case for the Powerhouse Museum in Western Sydney Project was prepared between April and December 2017 by the Cultural Infrastructure Program Management Office (CIPMO) within the Arts, Screen and Culture Division of the NSW Government’s Department of Planning and Environment.

Infrastructure NSW’s review of the Business Case for the relocated Powerhouse Museum, completed in February 2018, concluded that the Business Case had successfully demonstrated the case for change. On the basis of its independent review and the further work undertaken, Infrastructure NSW is satisfied that the Business Case provides a sound basis for Ministerial decision-making on a preferred option.

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